Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Asheville Custom Closets - Best Value Compared to Online Competitors

Today I would like to talk with you about why it is not a good idea to buy closets online. Many companies offer online "custom closet" sales.  I would ask you to reflect on  a couple of questions that might start you thinking about why you should consider a local company:

1.  How do you know what to order? What parts and pieces are important?  How will it fit?  As a competitive designer in the Asheville area market I have had many homeowners bring designs to me that they have either created themselves online or had the automated computer create via an online closet source. Many of these designs have not been what I would consider "good" designs. They are inefficient - not using all of the closet space or sometimes just don't make functional sense. A closet designer will ask many questions about you, your lifestyle, your clothes, how many, how big, how much, etc and help decide what goes where and the most efficient use of space and functionality. I travel in the Asheville Area and all of Western North Carolina to assist homeowners with custom closet designs - see my closet video.

2. When they say "shipped to your home"  - do you realize this means on a "semi - truck" that you must unload and then count the parts and pieces that come to make sure you got everything. A current builder client of More Space Place has a horror story of how he tried to save a couple hundred bucks on his closets and when the semi truck arrived with some parts damaged and no instructions on how to assemble the parts, he was quite regretful. He will only buy closets from More Space Place Asheville now.

3. Who is going to install this for you? Are you going to install the closet rails and parts and cut the shelves to length? Do you have the tools?  If you hire a handy-man is he reliable? Does he know where to put the rods? Our installers are trained to install closets. They have a complete set of instructions with notes that you and I have made regarding placement of any accessories and rod heights. These guys could install closets in their sleep. They have years of experience and can finish a complete house of closets in just hours.

4.  Are you getting the best deal? What really is the price?   I have compared many closet quotes. From local to national vendors, to online resources. Apples to apples is not easy to spot for the untrained consumer-  More Space Place can provide you with the BEST VALUE in the Asheville Area. We INCLUDE installation and tax in every quote. We do not nickel and dime our clients. A one time complimentary adjustment is available if you need shelves or rods moved once you get your clothes in place.  Just this week, I had a homeowner who brought me a set of plans from an online source. Their price was $4200.00 including shipping (no tax). My price was $4500.00 for a finished installed in-home project including our 7% NC tax.

5. If you can support a local company that has families living in your neighborhood - why would you buy a product from an online source?  Our employees are part of the local economy, we live, eat, go to school, and spend our money with other local companies when possible. We have a showroom at 1025 Brevard Road in Asheville NC where you can touch and test the products with smiling faces to greet you.

Call Amanda Ballew, Interior Designer for an appointment or email - I will show you how More Space Place Asheville can provide you with the BEST VALUE in custom closets for the area.

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