Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ten Reasons I Enjoy Membership in Home Builders Associations

Ten Reasons I enjoy membership with the Home Builders Associations. (not necessarily in order)

1. Maybe its obvious... but that's where the builders are. New construction and remodel builders are members of the Home Builders Associations. 

2. Networking with other local businesses who are members.  The moto of the industry is "Do business with a member." I have formed many friendships from my contacts at the Asheville and Hendersonville Home Builders Association.

3. Increased local exposure via the directories. If someone is looking for a closet company, they can find More Space Place via the Asheville, Haywood, or Hendersonville directories.

4. The Professional Women In Building Council is a core group of women leaders within the industry. I am currently the Chair for the Regional PWB under the Asheville Home Builders Association.

5. Establishing a brand within the industry has been key for our business. Local, State, and National associations have levels of sponsorship which companies can financially support the industry.

6. Our membership with the Association helps to establish trust with our clients. People like to do  business with  companies that are affiliated with Associations and are giving back to the community. We participate in the volunteer days.

7. I have received many referrals from the HBA Associates and Builder members. I regularly attend the meetings and they know me, they know I will return calls and help the clients they send to me.

8. The local and state associations have fun events. I participate in the golf tournaments, Parade of Homes, TEAM Day, 21st Century Expo, and Holiday Parties. They make being a member fun and exciting.

9. Our local, state, and national home builders all provide educational classes for both associates and builder members. Many times the classes are geared toward very current topics for our industry - like social media, the economy and green building for example.

10. The National Home Builders Association participates very actively in pushing the legislation that affects the livelihood of its members. Locally, they are working on things like zoning laws and steep slope ordinances that affect when and where people can build new houses. I participate in BuildPac yearly to help this cause for legislation.

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