Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Have Gift Closet Envy

In discussing gifts for the upcoming Holidays, my friend was telling me about her gift closet. This past summer she began clipping coupons and has saved a fortune on groceries and other household items. She also heard about a major clearance sale happening in Asheville on toys and made a serious investment in toys that were on sale up to 70% off. My friend stocked up on toys that are for both genders and in several age groups. Most of the toys that she purchased were originally in the $20-$35 range, but she got them at bargain prices. She has been using these clearance toys for birthday parties since the summer and still has presents for nieces and nephews. She also found some larger toy items for her own children that will be quite a surprise for these little ones.

I am envious of her gift closet. I think this sounds like an awesome idea with a closet dedicated to storage of these presents. You can organize the presents based on the types of gifts with toys, games, stuffed animals for different age groups. Keeping on hand gift bags and tissue for quick and easy "wrap and run" makes you prepared to dash out the door to the next party. After Holiday sales would be a good time to start a gift closet like this. I think I will start a gift closet as well.

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