Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Custom Garage Cabinets for Asheville Summer Fun

I am a little late posting this for Father's Day, but Spring and Summer really bring out the need for the garden tools and the workspace needs for the garage units. I wanted to share some of the custom garage storage units we have installed in the Asheville area. Garage storage needs can range from closed cabinetry, shelving, workspaces to wall hanging slatwall units. The units shown above are in a carbon fiber look melamine which is very durable and has an edgebanding created for ultimate durablilty in garage cabinets. So, if you are ready to create an amazing man-cave or ultimate garage for yourself call Amanda for an appointment.

visit the showroom at 1025 Brevard Road Asheville NC
Monday - Sat  10-5   828-665-9665


  1. This is a brilliant idea. My dad's birthday is coming up and I think that some custom closets like this would go over really well. I'll have to run it by my mom to see if he'd like them. Thanks for the idea.

  2. These custom closets new jersey look amazing. If you could see what my garage looks like right now, you would be horrified. I think that I need to show these pictures to my husband and see if we can find away to organize all of his tools. Thank for the post.