Monday, January 11, 2010

10 Questions asked about Asheville custom closets

1. Who buys a custom closet system? Asheville homeowners wishing to maximize their space. Use of a closet system can sometimes more than double the efficiency of a space providing quick and easy access to your clothes and valuable items. Also, if you want to provide drawers for armoire/dresser style storage within the closet, a closet system is ideal.

2. How much does it cost? The price of a custom closet in Asheville, Western North Carolina varies depending on your space and what your needs are. Larger closets with more amenities obviously cost more than simple reach in hanging spaces. The average master closet size 6 x 10 walk in ranges approx $1,500-2,000 depending on the design and materials.

3. What if I don’t have a big space? Custom closets by More Space Place Asheville are perfect for small spaces. If you have a ceiling height of at least 85” I can use the space to double hang your garments and maximize your space. Also, closets with odd shapes and heights are perfect candidates.

4. How deep does a closet have to be? Ideally a closet should be at least 24” deep inside to hang clothes, but accommodations can be made for tighter spaces.

5. What is the material? Custom closets are usually created of multiple materials. More Space Place Asheville closets are primarily a ¾” furniture grade composite melamine, with accessories of Thermafoil, wood, glass, and metals to complement all the different decors of individual houses.

6. How does it get installed? It is imperative that a custom closet system be properly installed. Our local Asheville installers are full time employees trained for proper placement of rods and shelves for storing your clothing. When they come to your home they respect your belongings, your home, and leave your closet ready to hang your clothes (no cleaning up required on your part).

7. Can I have drawers? Yes, drawers are a nice accessory for a custom closet. They come in many different sizes and configurations. More Space Place Asheville provides drawers on a full extension slide allowing for maximum access of all interior space of the drawer. Many home plans are providing smaller bedrooms with less furniture and larger dressing style suites, allowing owners to have all their clothing in one space instead of spread out.

8. Does the closet system come with hangers and accessories? Normally homeowners in Western North Carolina will need to provide their own hangers; however, there are many resources for hanger replacements should you wish to uniformly replace all your hangers into your new closet. Accessories like tie racks and belt racks that slide out for easy access can be added to your closet order. Jewelry drawer inserts are great way to organize your most prized possessions. Other accessories like slide out baskets, laundry hampers, ironing boards, mirrors, and valet bars are also available.

9. Will I have to empty my space? It works best for our installation team to start on installation day with an empty painted room. If you are removing old closet shelving where the walls will need to be repaired – arrangements can be made for this to be done in advance.

10. How does the process work? Typically Amanda (me) from More Space Place Asheville, NC will come to your home throughout Western North Carolina area for a consultation. Measurements will be taken for the space you want to outfit. After carefully accessing your needs (measuring your belongings and how you store your clothes), I create a design using a computer software program. Once we get your closet designed the way you like it, materials will be ordered and in approx 4-6 weeks, we will schedule installation of your new closet.

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