Friday, November 4, 2011

Email from Satisfied Murphy Bed Client

The following is an email I received the other day bragging about More Space Place Asheville from the service provided during design to our excellent installers. We have many satisfied clients who never take the time to write such a nice review, so I wanted to share this with you.

Dear Amanda,

This e-mail is a follow up to our phone conversation regarding our recent purchase of the Murphy bed for our home in the Fitzgerald.

As you know I have kiddingly complained about your interaction with us. We seriously came in just to look at a Murphy bed as a possibility for our home and left having purchased one. The main reason for our decision was the excellent service you gave us during our visit. Not only is the product very handsome, but your ability to answer our questions, come up with solutions to our concerns, and give us a very nice, detailed drawing of the project were primary in our decision. Your follow up call on a few odds and ends was also wonderful and demonstrated you had done your homework and were prepared to help us with what additional needs we had.

Additionally, during the installation I was at the site all day long and, in fact, observing the installers in ever aspect of their work. No only did they never come into my home with shoes on, but they were totally respectful of our home. This included one of them holding the vacuum hose while the other one drilled to minimize any potential sawdust. They clearly were expert in their work, often not even talking with one another while working cooperatively to complete the project. They were fast, fastidious and fussy about their work...(how is that for some prose). Truly they were expert, worked hard and were very particular about how the end project would come out. They were the best crew I have observed in many years.

We now have an excellent addition to our home which is beautifully designed, expertly installed and gives us functional space which we did not previously have.

Tony & Jill


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